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Having extensive experience in the rain gutter business, we always felt that most rain gutters were not working as well as they could. We always knew if gutters and downspouts are installed properly – correct size for the house and roof, tight to the fascia, pitched correctly toward the outlet and downspout, etc. – and kept clean, then those gutters and downspouts would work every time it rains.

But we continued to notice that too often when it rained, water was not flowing out of most gutters – NOT GOOD!

It became obvious that the problem was the very small outlets (component that creates the hole in the gutter at the top of the downspout) that are installed in all present gutters. They clogged easily and often. These small outlets also have a lip around their top that (1) catches debris and increases the clogging, and (2) they actually create a “bump” around the outlet that makes water flow uphill before being able to flow down and out of the gutter. Although the small size of these outlets is the major reason for clogging, outlets not being at least flush with the gutter create even more clogging problems.

We also knew that many perfectly clean gutters were not working because the outlet was clogged. As soon as debris gets into a gutter, that debris begins to flow to the outlet. Even a small amount of debris can clog present outlets. Once these small outlets are clogged water will never flow out of any gutter!

So, with our goal of ensuring that all rain gutters and downspouts always work every time it rains, we began designing. Our first goal: Create a very large outlet with no lip around its top. We designed our first Spout, a very large outlet that would be installed UNDER the gutter, not in or above the bottom of the gutter. This design eliminated the lip and enabled us to increase the outlet size to 2 to 3 times the size of present outlets, a very big deal. When water and debris reached our very large Spout outlet, that water and debris had no place to go but DOWN. We guarantee that The SpoutOff outlet as presently designed will virtually never clog.

We also knew that Homeowners do not like climbing ladders, especially to check or clean outlets in their gutters and downspouts the day before it rains. To eliminate this dangerous and time-consuming problem, we took The SpoutOff to the next level. We designed 3 additional components – the Off, SpoutSecure and Base – to enable any Homeowner to remove a 1, 2 even 3 story downspout from their home to check and clean it DOWN ON THE GROUND! No ladder needed, no tools needed. (A 2-story downspout only weighs about 6 pounds)

This means the day before it is going to rain, any Homeowner can check any SpoutOff outlet in less than 1 minute while standing safely down on the ground. If the outlet in a rain gutter is clear, water will always flow out of that gutter even if there is debris in the rest of that gutter.

Properly working rain gutters and downspouts are all about the outlet, the clean, clear outlet . . . The SpoutOff Outlet!

SpoutOff Goals Achieved for YOU: The SpoutOff Rain Gutter Company has engineered, designed, built and presently sells SpoutOff rain gutter components (all 0.040 aluminum) that make ALL rain gutters better. And, The SpoutOff can be RETROFITTED to present gutters – no need for new gutters.

We always knew ALL rain gutters could work EVERY time it rains if only the outlets were fixed. So we fixed them!

Our Mission

Design, manufacture and provide our customers with the very best rain gutter outlet system. A system that ensures YOUR gutters work every time it rains AND that you never have to climb up there again to clean your outlets.

Our Vision

That ALL rain gutters will have The SpoutOff installed because properly flowing rain gutters every time it rains is precisely what every Homeowner and Building Owner wants. And that is what The SpoutOff delivers.

Kevin Leahy, President
The SpoutOff Rain Gutter Company


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