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How Roof Valleys Affect Rain Gutters

April 28, 2021

roof valleys

Did you know roof valleys can affect your rain gutters and cause overflow? Roofs have many different designs from flat roofs to steep roofs with many valleys. The following information will discuss roofs with valleys and the flow of rain water down valleys. By their design, valleys create a faster flow of water down the […]

Rain Gutter Clogging Problems

April 20, 2021

gutter clogging problems

Rain gutters do not work as designed for many reasons. The following information describes the main reasons for gutter clogging and their solutions. However, first we must describe rain gutters that do work properly, and why. Rain gutters that are the correct size for the roof they serve, have the proper number and placement of […]

Rain Gutter Improvements Over The Years

April 07, 2021

gutter improvements

Simply stated the earliest rain gutters were made of wood, so “we have come a long way baby” since then… Today, probably the best value in rain gutters is the Seamless Aluminum Gutter. Aluminum is an excellent rain gutter material because it is relatively inexpensive, can be powder coated many colors and, properly installed, aluminum […]

There Is No Such Thing as Maintenance Free Rain Gutters

March 30, 2021

Maintenance Free Rain Gutters

All rain gutters need maintenance at some point in time. So, let’s start with a basic open rain gutter. Basic Open Rain Gutter (Uncovered Rain Gutters) No matter where it is and even if there are no trees for 100 miles, this gutter will get debris in it. Could be debris blown from miles away, […]

Important Home Gutter Maintenance Misinformation

March 15, 2021

home gutter maintenance

Rain Gutters are The Rodney Dangerfield of Home Improvement: They get no respect! Misinformation about rain gutters is this: “My gutters are clogged!” No, no, no – your gutters have debris in them, but water will flow over, under, through and around that debris because water always follows the path of least resistance. The problem […]