As a homeowner what are the major benefits of The SpoutOff gutter outlet to me?

Properly working rain gutters are all about your outlets. Keep your gutter outlets clean and water will always flow out of your gutters and away from your house… even if there is debris in the rest of your gutter!

  • No ladder needed to check or clean The SpoutOff  gutter outlet: 1, 2 even 3-story.
  • No tools needed to check or clean The SpoutOff outlet.
  • If debris does get stuck in elbows in your downspouts you are cleaning them out down on the ground, not up 2 stories hanging off a ladder.
  • When you know it is going to rain and you think your gutters might be clogged, it is very easy to ignore the problem and that is what many homeowners do – NOT GOOD. Now, with The SpoutOff, you really will check and clean your outlets when rain is predicted because it’s fast, easy, safe and you don’t have to climb up there!

Does The SpoutOff Company sell gutters and downspouts?

No. We just sell The SpoutOff parts: Large outlet and removable downspout clip that can be RETROFITTED to your present gutters or installed with new gutters.

What size gutters can the SpoutOff be installed onto?

Presently 5 inch and 6 inch K-Style gutters with either 2” x 3” or 3” x 4” downspouts. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND installing The SpoutOff with 3×4 downspouts because the larger downspouts ensure complete flow of water and debris out of the gutter through the Spout and Off and down and out of the downspout.

Does The SpoutOff gutter outlet work with “B” elbows?

Yes. SpoutOff components are designed to accommodate almost all downspout configurations: A Elbow, B Elbow and Underground Pipes.

What if my downspout runs into an underground pipe?

The SpoutOff downspout is easily installed into an underground pipe (see Installation Instructions).

Bonus: Because The SpoutOff downspout is easily removed from your house, IF you think your underground pipe is clogged YOU simply remove your SpoutOff downspout and check out and/or flush out your underground pipe… no need to call RotoRooter or an expensive plumber to flush out your underground pipe!

Will the SpoutOff leak where the Spout meets the Off?

The bottom of the Spout is 4 inches long and the top of the Off is 4 inches long. Because the bottom of the Spout is inserted into the Off, this overlap causes even heavy flowing rain water to continue its downward travel.

Can the SpoutOff gutter outlet be painted?

Yes. The SpoutOff parts are powder coated aluminum. Contact your local professional paint store for the best advice.

I have one downspout at an inside corner and one at an outside corner. Do you have SpoutOff corners?

The SpoutOff can be installed directly adjacent to either an inside or an outside corner.

I have a downspout on my second story roof that empties onto my first story roof. How would the SpoutOff work in this situation?

Although the SpoutOff can be installed here, someone would have to climb up there to detach it and clean it. This is still better than having to climb all the way up to the top of the 2nd or 3rd story.

{Notes: (1) If you can run the present downspout down to the ground, the SpoutOff would be detachable from the ground. (2) In some cases it is possible to re-pitch this upper gutter the other way enabling the SpoutOff to run down to the ground and be easily detachable from the ground. (3) Because The SpoutOff outlet hole is so big, it is still a good idea to install The SpoutOff at this location because the chance of clogging at the very large SpoutOff outlet is greatly decreased}.

What is the effect of ice and snow on the SpoutOff?

The SpoutOff gutter outlet will act like any other gutter and downspout. However, because the SpoutOff downspout can be easily removed (for instance if an ice storm is predicted), the SpoutOff downspout can be removed and then replaced when melting begins. This will eliminate freezing inside the downspout.

Can the SpoutOff be retrofitted onto my present gutters and downspouts?

Yes, if they are 5” or 6” K-Style with either 2×3 or 3×4 downspouts. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND installing The SpoutOff with 3×4 downspouts because the larger downspouts ensure complete flow of water and debris out of the gutter and out of the downspout.

Can I install the SpoutOff myself?

Yes. Illustrated installation instructions are available at www.TheSpoutOff.com.

I would like a professional to install SpoutOffs on my home. Can you provide me with the names of companies in my area that install the SpoutOff?

We suggest you choose a local gutter installer, have him check out our website and then provide you with an estimate.

What if I want to install new downspouts?

You can do that. You can buy new downspouts, elbows, etc. at your local home store, or your professional installer can provide them. We STRONGLY RECOMMEND installing The SpoutOff with 3×4 downspouts because the larger downspouts ensure complete flow of water and debris out of the gutter and out of the downspout.

How will I know how to cut the hole in the gutter so the Spout fits properly?

A SpoutOff Template is provided and a simple cut of the gutter is illustrated in the installation instructions. This cut also eliminates any “lip” at the outlet. Present outlets have lips at their top that catch debris and begin clogging small standard outlets.

My gutters have covers/inserts/screens on them. Can I install the SpoutOff?

Yes. AND YOU SHOULD! Since covered gutters do not get a lot of debris in them, the only area you need to be concerned with is your outlet. Being able to easily check your outlets without climbing up there allows you to see if there is any debris clogging your gutters at your outlets. Good covers and The SpoutOff give you “the best of both worlds.” If your outlets are clear your covers are working.

After I install the SpoutOff gutter outlet, can I install covers or screens onto my gutters?


I understand that the SpoutOff keeps my gutters clear at the outlets, but what if there is debris in the rest of my gutter?

If an outlet is not clogged, water will ALWAYS flow out of that gutter EVEN IF THERE IS DEBRIS IN THE REST OF THE GUTTER. The reason this will happen is that water always follows the path of least resistance. Water will flow under, over and around debris in the gutter (Underflow™), out the clear outlet, down the downspout and away from your house.

I don’t have many trees around my house, why would I install the SpoutOff?

What you are really saying is that you don’t get much debris in your gutters. This makes your house the best candidate for The SpoutOff . . .

Why? Because all gutters get some debris in them from time to time. That debris always flows down to the outlet where it accumulates and clogs the outlet. Remember, it does not take a lot of debris to clog a standard outlet. The good news for you is that by installing SpoutOffs you can (without climbing a ladder, without even owning a ladder) easily, quickly and safely check and clean all your outlets. Because you don’t get a lot of debris in your gutters, the outlet is the ONLY area in YOUR gutters that ever need cleaning. You are the perfect SpoutOff user!

When would The SpoutOff NOT work?

Two situations:

  • If you let the Spout and Off become so clogged that water cannot move out of your gutter and down the downspout. But all you have to do is take The SpoutOff down, clean it out and put it back up… that’s the whole idea of The SpoutOff. But if you NEVER check or clean it, it may not work.
  • If you never clean your gutters and debris in the gutter accumulates to the extent that it fills the gutter and becomes so cement-hard that water cannot seep through it. Even if the Spout and Off are clean, water will overflow this gutter. Note: If this situation is allowed to occur the gutter may become “self-cleaning” because it will be so heavy it will probably pull away from your house and fall to the ground.

I understand the ease of cleaning out the Off down on the ground, but what if I see debris still caught up in the Spout up at my gutter?

(1) Remove the downspout, leave if off for a time and gravity will cause the debris to fall out of the Spout; (2) Hitting this debris with a stream from your garden hose will dislodge this debris. If you need additional pressure from your hose, low cost high pressure nozzles are available at local home stores. This type of nozzle is handy for other tasks like pressure cleaning siding, spoke wheels on your cars, etc; (3) Use an extending pole to dislodge any debris.

Why wouldn’t I want SpoutOff’s on all my gutters and downspouts?

  • You enjoy climbing up there to check and clean muck out of outlets and elbows.
  • You enjoy climbing and working on ladders.
  • You enjoy reaching into gutters, grabbing the muck and tossing it to the ground.
  • You enjoy taking the elbows apart to clean them out up on a ladder.
  • You enjoy wasting your time climbing up and down a ladder or walking a roof to keep your gutters clean.
  • You don’t care if your gutters are clogged.
  • You don’t care if your underground pipes are clogged.
  • You enjoy paying someone over and over to keep your gutters clean.
  • You have so much time on your hands that cleaning your gutters fits easily into your schedule and you’d rather be cleaning your gutters than doing anything else.