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Category Archives: DIY Home Exteriors

Ways you can fix minor issues around the exterior of your home

Best Gutter Elbows on Downspouts For Best Water Flow

June 04, 2023

gutter elbows

Gutter Elbows & Gutter Clogs Did you know that gutter elbows are an important part of gutter downspouts and gutter leaders because elbows enable gutter installation to be “tight” to the house or building. However, elbows can create their own problems in terms of clogging. Because gutter downspout elbows bend and turn, debris getting into […]

What to Look for When Buying a House

March 22, 2018

Buying a house is a big undertaking. Your first home, especially, is a major milestone. There is so much that goes into the buying a house process that it can be a little intimidating, but with the right planning you can be all moved into your new home with as little stress as possible. Check […]

DIY Tips for Home Projects

March 05, 2018

When you become a home owner, you tend to become obsessed with home projects. They are always things to fix and maintain and you will always be looking for ways to approve the look of your home inside and out. All this can get expensive if you have to hire contractors for it, that is […]

9 Mistakes to Avoid with DIY Gutters

November 29, 2017

Last Update: 26 Jan 2023 As first time home owners, we rarely have a true understanding of how much time and money goes into keeping our homes standing upright. The rain gutters are just one example of an unobtrusive part of the house that doesn’t seem like much until it breaks down. Then you truly […]

Weighing the pros and cons of gutter guards and hoods

March 28, 2014

Weighing the pros and cons of gutter guards and hoods – The SpoutOff
Gutter guards and hoods are essentially designed to act as a filter over your gutters in an attempt to block debris from entering without inhibiting the …