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“Whirly Bird” Clogging Solution (Samaras)

Did you know that every year in late spring or early summer, the seeds of a wide variety of maple trees mature and fall or blow off trees? Each of these seeds contains a seed and a wing that allows it to spiral downwards and plant itself in the soil.

These are called samaras, yet many homeowners refer to these as “whirly birds”.

And if you own a home with a maple tree on or close to your property, you may have come to loathe these nuisances because they are notorious for clogging gutters.

The following 3 photos show “whirly birds” that would have clogged YOUR small rain gutter outlets. The gutter outlet is the hole in gutter at top of your downspouts.

These whirly birds have been pushed out of gutter AND downspout because of the VERY large SpoutOff rain gutter outlet.

The Whirly Birds that you see on the ground are Whirly Birds that were up in the gutter. When it rained, the rain pushed these Whirly Birds down the gutter, down through the very large SpoutOff Outlet, and down and out of the downspout.

This cannot happen with standard small outlets – your outlets.

But it ALWAYS happens with SpoutOff Outlets.

The reason…

SpoutOff large gutter outlets are so big, they will NOT clog.

When water and debris reach The SpoutOff Outlets, that water and debris have no place to go but DOWN, and it does. And, SpoutOff Outlets do not have a LIP around their top like your outlets do. Your LIP catches debris and starts your clogging.