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  • I currently have five Spoutoffs on 5″ gutters that work beautifully. We have lots of long pine and short fir needles to deal with here. A heavy rain will flush all down The Spout making me very happy when I see the pile at the end of the downspout.

    My remaining project is on the backside of the house, a 50′ run out one downspout. My plan is to utilize The SpoutOff here too.

    Guess I’m being a little gabby, but the bottom line is you have a fantastic product!


  • The SpoutOff Rain Gutter System has worked to perfection for us. We had some leaking issues below a section of gutter for years. Since SpoutOffs were installed our gutter system in our problem area has not had one leak. The SpoutOff Rain Gutter System just makes sense.


  • The SpoutOff Rain Gutter System is an innovative gutter system that I will incorporate into additional future building projects.


  • I first found the SpoutOff advertisement in Family Handyman magazine. My home is a ranch style with 7 downspouts and surrounded by trees of various species.

    The idea of a larger opening made sense to me and with so many leaves I decided to give a test run to confirm the design would perform as advertised.

    Over the next couple of months, I watched how the installation performed and was not disappointed. After several showers I would get my ladder and check the old-style outlets vs. The SpoutOff and each time I would find some of the small round outlets covered with debris but The SpoutOff was clear every time.

    I am in the process of outfitting my remaining outlets with The SpoutOff units because they work!


  • Just put the third SpoutOff in. It was really easy. I’ll let you know how well I like it after the first heavy rain. The best we’ve had so far is 1¼ inches. But what I’ve seen so far really looks promising. If it does what I think it will do, I’d be glad to give you a very favorable recommendation.


  • At 9:15 a.m. I went out and checked 3 1-story SpoutOff Outlets and 3 2-story SpoutOff Outlets. All were clear and completely open. So now I know for sure that today and tomorrow’s rains will flow out of my rain gutters.

    Walked back into my house at 9:26 a.m. pleased with all my rain gutters and very happy my feet never left the ground.


  • As an underground drainpipe contractor, I love The SpoutOff and will continue to use it in the future. I’m working on ways to advertise The SpoutOff. I have several things I’m gonna try.


  • We have been very satisfied with all aspects of The SpoutOff system, from price to customer service, to installation, to performance of the new outlets and downspouts after about two years of use. Thanks.


  • I am a handyman in Ohio. Just wanted to say that I was happy with the ease of The SpoutOff installation and that I am impressed with the quality of your products.

    Also, I think I have come up with another advantage of your product that I haven’t seen in your literature. That is that your system can also increase flow rate for the drainage system of a roof without adding another downspout.

    So my cost effective improvement was to replace the existing small outlet with your large outlet going into a 3×4 downspout going down 2 stories to the street with two 90 degree ells in the run and then going into about 4 foot tall section of Schedule 40 Pvc, kicked out into the alley with a pvc 90 ell to help prevent crushing by cars . The top gutter had been overflowing out the back and causing some rotting of the fascia board. So, using your system will greatly improve drainage and clogging.

    Actually, I had been searching for a system such as yours after a customer asked if there was such a product and I remembered seeing it in a magazine… may have been The Family Handyman, can’t remember. Anyway, there is my story.


  • Your product – I first found the SpoutOff advertisement in Family Handyman magazine.

    My home is a ranch style with 7 downspouts and surrounded by trees of various species.

    The idea of a larger opening made sense to me and with so many leaves I decided to give a test run to confirm the design would perform as advertised.

    Over the next couple of months, I watched how the installation performed and was not disappointed. After several showers I would get my ladder and check the old-style outlets vs. the SpoutOff and each time I would find some of the small round outlets covered with debris but the SpoutOff was clear every time.

    I am in the process of outfitting my remaining outlets with the SpoutOff units because they work!


  • My home has tall oak trees in the back. The rain gutters would clog from the leaves and overflow into basement stairwell. The water would seep into my basement through the entrance door (8 feet below grade).

    I tried different spout guards to no avail. Then I installed The SpoutOff at each end of the gutter. With the increased openings in conjunction with a different gutter guard, the overflow problem was mitigated.

    The installation of The SpoutOff is fairly easy as long as the homeowner is a little handy. I am very satisfied with the results of my SpoutOff installations.


  • The SpoutOff product is an innovative solution to a problem almost any homeowner will face at one time or another and probably even seasonally. Clogged gutter outlets can result in water damage, but they also represent a safety issue for the homeowner tasked with cleaning and clearing clogged gutter outlets. So The SpoutOff is a really simple solution to very common problem, but the approach to the problem is the innovation. It’s a clever idea, and it’s actually very, very useful.

    Kevin first came to me in 2007 to discuss manufacturing The SpoutOff. Since then, he’s spent his time proving the concept of his design in over 500 home installations. I admire Kevin’s dedication to the project.

    A video demonstrating installation (an ease thereof) would be a good idea.



  • Upgrading to The SpoutOff system is really a no-brainer decision. The SpoutOff’s ease of installation and maintenance are second to nothing we have seen on the market today.

    The SpoutOff is innovative, safe, and simple for homeowners. The SpoutOff eliminates risky climbing of ladders to clear downspout obstructions. It can be maintained by almost anyone. The SpoutOff can help to eliminate costly service calls and damage to homes caused by clogged gutters.



  • Once the homeowner is made aware of the product and the problems it will solve, it becomes a no brainer. Whether The SpoutOff is sold thru big box stores or online, it needs to be advertised better. Builders should offer it on new construction. Gutter companies should make it standard. It should have changed the industry already. I should not have had to search online for it. I cannot believe I never saw it advertised. I even subscribe to Handyman magazines I suppose funding is the only issue? Kevin is a religious figure to me (LOL)! Never met him either and I am not a relative!

    I am in the insurance business and love that fact that I can clean my gutter from the ground. I take The SpoutOff off, use a plumber snake and hose if needed, and its done. There is so much peace of mind from this inexpensive upgrade. If my gutter overflows, I’m not waiting on some fly by night gutter guy to come in 3 days in a 4 hour window. Not to sound corny, but this product will save so many lives. No more falling off ladders.

    Advertise. get the word out. This fundrazr is cool. internet advertising- targeted by season/ leaf collection and diy type websites. more youtube videos? flyers in mailboxes. have to start somewhere. infomercial. this old house nod. DIY magazines. I am unpaid and believe in this product. All prior buyers should make a huge deal about it, especially when cleaning your gutters. I feel I/we owe it to Kevin as a thank you for his blood sweat and tears for making MY product. I may invite 7 guys over to watch me clean my gutters this year, which I rarely need to do b/c the discharge hole is bigger! Open flow. thats the key. let the leaves freely pass thru. THIS IS PLUMBING 101. Its a clogged drain. Thats so simple. if the drain is too narrow, debris can’t run thru it. gutter guys are not plumbers. I’m just thinking out loud.

    Gift cards…. you could offer them from home depot, lowes, sears hardware, ace, true value, amazon, gas cards, american express, cabelas, ll bean, harbor freight. Stuff we associate with home repairs.

    I would be proud if in 3 years, the spout off is more well known than gutterguard. Good luck.


  • Installation timing was perfect. Completed right before the hurricane. Gutters worked great. It was nice to see no overflow and no standing water like we had with the old gutters. Installation looks good too. The SpoutOff oversize outlets and downspouts make cleaning easy and really help the water move.


  • Hi, my name is David Robinson. I am a General Contractor and a long time user of The SpoutOff.
    I have used this product on many of my customer’s homes with great results and I also have it
    on my own house.


  • My kudos and congratulations to Mr. Leahy for designing The SpoutOff, a unique and truly useful product (if he is still with us). Unfortunately, now that I have found you, I have no money, but hopefully that is only a temporary setback. I’ll keep your address where I can find it.

    I have three single story houses which always clog and a fourth which doesn’t because I removed the gutters altogether. More than one way to skin a cat!


  • I am completely baffled why the major home centers, hardware stores, and gutter installers are not offering The SpoutOff to their customers. There must be one hell of a gutter lobby resistant to change?

    I work in the insurance industry and know of two friends who fell off their ladders when cleaning second story roofs. They are lucky to be alive. I am somewhat handy and spent many nights trying to think of a solution to cleaning second story gutters, and making first story gutters easier to clean as well.

    I searched the internet one day and was excited to see a kindred spirit. All downspouts should be removable. Period! Not only that, the enlarging of the hole in the horizontal gutter needs to be considerably bigger. From an engineering perspective, this product met my needs 100%. I have had to remove both downspouts this year to remove debris and it was completed in less than 15 minutes.

    Installation is a breeze for a handy person. However, I chose to hire a handyman to install my second story SpoutOff. I gave him the instruction sheet, explained everything to him, and helped him install it. I also upgraded to the larger downspouts. We had two SpoutOffs completed in less than 90 minutes.

    Mr. Leahy should be a millionaire by now for inventing this product. I subscribe to Handyman magazine and hope to see advertisements in it someday. Builders should be giving the option. The DIY concept is thriving in this country and The SpoutOff satisfies that niche so well.

    I am mad that I did not invent this product. A clogged gutter creates foundation water problems, ice dams, etc. Ironically the installation of The SpoutOff may reduce your need to ever even remove the downspout. I love the peace of mind that I can whenever! If I had the money, I would invest. Think about all of the lower downspout extensions that you see in stores — that is the “colon”. More attention needs to paid to the “mouth”.

    Call me if you ever need more feedback. Can’t thank you enough for tackling a major homeowner problem. With weather changes – hurricanes and heavy rains will be hitting the U.S. more often. Gutters should be your first line of defense – and with The SpoutOff – I achieved a Rolls Royce “custom” set up.


  • Made the installations yesterday.

    The SpoutOff is a great product as it appears to do the job.  We are waiting for a big rain storm.

    The only suggestion is, the flange that goes behind the gutter would work better is it were 3.5 to 4 inches or the height of the gutter (this is true for my installation). The problem I encountered: The angle needed to seat the screws into the fascia board (in back of the gutter) was too acute to allow properly seating the screws.

    I used an adhesive on the back flange and two screws on the front flange, it appears to be adequate to hold The SpoutOff in place.

    All and all great product.



  • Dear Kevin –

    It is a pleasure to let you and others know how much we enjoy The Spout Off outlet and removable downspout that you invented. They do a great job in getting water, leaves and other material off the roof and down the downspouts. The design is easy to use and maintain. We are very happy with how they work and how little care they require.



  • Since you installed The SpoutOff system on my house, I have had no occasion to use a ladder again. In the past, I would climb an extension ladder and carefully clean the clogged gutters. NO MORE!! Now I just unclip my downspout, hose it down , check to see if there is any debris in the top gutter, rinse that from the ground and replace the downspout. This takes all of 5 minutes and I don’t have to worry about falling off a ladder.

    I would highly recommend The SpoutOff to any homeowner who does their own gutter cleaning or pays for an outside service. It is not expensive and ,once installed, you have no additional costs.


  • I live on the side of a small mountain in Bucks County where rain water runoff has always been a bit of a problem. For years I had to deal with clogged rain gutters and worse, runoff water leaking into my walk-out basement. After having a major amount of landscape work and other water diversion projects that did not seem to completely abate the runoff problem, I contacted several rain gutter companies to find a workable solution.

    When Kevin Leahy made his proposal, I found that compared to the small outlets that I had in my gutters, when I saw how large the “The SpoutOff” outlet was, they just made sense to me. I had four “SpoutOff” outlets retrofitted to my present gutters. Because the “The SpoutOff” outlet is so big, rain always flows out of my gutters and the leaves & other debris don’t clog it up. I have had a dry basement and no rain runoff back up since. It is a really terrific product. Thanks!