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RZ, Ohio

Posted by Kevin Leahy on September 06, 2019

I am a handyman in Ohio. Just wanted to say that I was happy with the ease of The SpoutOff installation and that I am impressed with the quality of your products.

Also, I think I have come up with another advantage of your product that I haven’t seen in your literature. That is that your system can also increase flow rate for the drainage system of a roof without adding another downspout.

So my cost effective improvement was to replace the existing small outlet with your large outlet going into a 3×4 downspout going down 2 stories to the street with two 90 degree ells in the run and then going into about 4 foot tall section of Schedule 40 Pvc, kicked out into the alley with a pvc 90 ell to help prevent crushing by cars . The top gutter had been overflowing out the back and causing some rotting of the fascia board. So, using your system will greatly improve drainage and clogging.

Actually, I had been searching for a system such as yours after a customer asked if there was such a product and I remembered seeing it in a magazine… may have been The Family Handyman, can’t remember. Anyway, there is my story.