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John W. New Hope, PA

Posted by Kevin Leahy on February 07, 2014

I live on the side of a small mountain in Bucks County where rain water runoff has always been a bit of a problem. For years I had to deal with clogged rain gutters and worse, runoff water leaking into my walk-out basement. After having a major amount of landscape work and other water diversion projects that did not seem to completely abate the runoff problem, I contacted several rain gutter companies to find a workable solution.

When Kevin Leahy made his proposal, I found that compared to the small outlets that I had in my gutters, when I saw how large the “The SpoutOff” outlet was, they just made sense to me. I had four “SpoutOff” outlets retrofitted to my present gutters. Because the “The SpoutOff” outlet is so big, rain always flows out of my gutters and the leaves & other debris don’t clog it up. I have had a dry basement and no rain runoff back up since. It is a really terrific product. Thanks!