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Tim S. Harrisburg, PA

Posted by Kevin Leahy on February 07, 2014

I am completely baffled why the major home centers, hardware stores, and gutter installers are not offering The SpoutOff to their customers. There must be one hell of a gutter lobby resistant to change?

I work in the insurance industry and know of two friends who fell off their ladders when cleaning second story roofs. They are lucky to be alive. I am somewhat handy and spent many nights trying to think of a solution to cleaning second story gutters, and making first story gutters easier to clean as well.

I searched the internet one day and was excited to see a kindred spirit. All downspouts should be removable. Period! Not only that, the enlarging of the hole in the horizontal gutter needs to be considerably bigger. From an engineering perspective, this product met my needs 100%. I have had to remove both downspouts this year to remove debris and it was completed in less than 15 minutes.

Installation is a breeze for a handy person. However, I chose to hire a handyman to install my second story SpoutOff. I gave him the instruction sheet, explained everything to him, and helped him install it. I also upgraded to the larger downspouts. We had two SpoutOffs completed in less than 90 minutes.

Mr. Leahy should be a millionaire by now for inventing this product. I subscribe to Handyman magazine and hope to see advertisements in it someday. Builders should be giving the option. The DIY concept is thriving in this country and The SpoutOff satisfies that niche so well.

I am mad that I did not invent this product. A clogged gutter creates foundation water problems, ice dams, etc. Ironically the installation of The SpoutOff may reduce your need to ever even remove the downspout. I love the peace of mind that I can whenever! If I had the money, I would invest. Think about all of the lower downspout extensions that you see in stores — that is the “colon”. More attention needs to paid to the “mouth”.

Call me if you ever need more feedback. Can’t thank you enough for tackling a major homeowner problem. With weather changes – hurricanes and heavy rains will be hitting the U.S. more often. Gutters should be your first line of defense – and with The SpoutOff – I achieved a Rolls Royce “custom” set up.