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Tim S. Harrisburg, PA

Posted by Kevin Leahy on February 07, 2014

Once the homeowner is made aware of the product and the problems it will solve, it becomes a no brainer. Whether The SpoutOff is sold thru big box stores or online, it needs to be advertised better. Builders should offer it on new construction. Gutter companies should make it standard. It should have changed the industry already. I should not have had to search online for it. I cannot believe I never saw it advertised. I even subscribe to Handyman magazines I suppose funding is the only issue? Kevin is a religious figure to me (LOL)! Never met him either and I am not a relative!

I am in the insurance business and love that fact that I can clean my gutter from the ground. I take The SpoutOff off, use a plumber snake and hose if needed, and its done. There is so much peace of mind from this inexpensive upgrade. If my gutter overflows, I’m not waiting on some fly by night gutter guy to come in 3 days in a 4 hour window. Not to sound corny, but this product will save so many lives. No more falling off ladders.

Advertise. get the word out. This fundrazr is cool. internet advertising- targeted by season/ leaf collection and diy type websites. more youtube videos? flyers in mailboxes. have to start somewhere. infomercial. this old house nod. DIY magazines. I am unpaid and believe in this product. All prior buyers should make a huge deal about it, especially when cleaning your gutters. I feel I/we owe it to Kevin as a thank you for his blood sweat and tears for making MY product. I may invite 7 guys over to watch me clean my gutters this year, which I rarely need to do b/c the discharge hole is bigger! Open flow. thats the key. let the leaves freely pass thru. THIS IS PLUMBING 101. Its a clogged drain. Thats so simple. if the drain is too narrow, debris can’t run thru it. gutter guys are not plumbers. I’m just thinking out loud.

Gift cards…. you could offer them from home depot, lowes, sears hardware, ace, true value, amazon, gas cards, american express, cabelas, ll bean, harbor freight. Stuff we associate with home repairs.

I would be proud if in 3 years, the spout off is more well known than gutterguard. Good luck.