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Eco-Friendly Gutters

Is there such a thing as eco-friendly gutters?

Durable, long-lasting products are extremely important in an eco-conscious world. A ubiquitous exterior home product that too often has its true life shortened due to simple lack of maintenance is the rain gutter. Finding a long-lasting gutter is the best way to find eco-friendly gutters.

The only reason rain gutters do not last as long as they are designed to is that the outlet (hole in gutter at the top of the downspout) clogs easily and often. When this clogging occurs, water and debris cannot get out of the gutter. This excessive weight and water causes damage to the gutter and fascia that quickly and significantly reduces that gutter’s life.

If the outlet in a gutter is clear, water will always flow out of a gutter, even if there is debris in the rest of that gutter. Conversely, a gutter could be perfectly clean but if the outlet is clogged water will never flow out of that gutter, never. Properly flowing gutters are all about the outlet, the clean, clear outlet.

The simple solution is an outlet that will not clog. The SpoutOff ( is that outlet. The SpoutOff is a very large outlet, 3 to 4 times larger than conventional outlets. Also, The SpoutOff outlet has no lip around its top to catch debris and start the clogging. The SpoutOff turns any gutter system into eco-friendly gutters by lengthening the product’s life-span.

Another major benefit to the homeowner is that The SpoutOff has a patented removable downspout feature. Any homeowner can remove a 1, 2 even 3-story SpoutOff downspout while standing safely down on the ground. (Note: A 2-story downspout weighs about 6 pounds). Now, because homeowners can check each of their rain gutter outlets in less than 1 minute from the safety of the ground, they will do it!

Gutters that always work when it rains will last their FULL, REAL lifetime. The SpoutOff ensures that gutters always work when it rains and, therefore The SpoutOff is durable and long-lasting. That is why The SpoutOff should be at the top of the eco-conscious homeowner’s list.