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Gutter Covers and The SpoutOff

The SpoutOff ENHANCES All Gutter Covers

Oh, really . . . HOW? When good covers are installed on rain gutters the ONLY area in those gutters a homeowner has to be worried about is THE OUTLET – the hole in the gutter at the top of the downspout.

Now, with The SpoutOff any homeowner can check any outlet in less than 1 minute standing safely down on the ground.


The SpoutOff helps you sell more covers and The SpoutOff increases your overall revenue

If you sell and install good gutter covers but lose cover sales because (1) the homeowner cannot afford your covers or (2) the homeowner does not believe covers work, we have very good news for you.

When the Objection is Cost:

If a potential customer truly cannot afford gutter covers (or is simply not willing to pay for them), sell them The SpoutOff. The SpoutOff is much less expensive. And The SpoutOff makes a lot of sense to all homeowners. Never walk away without a value-added sale.

Your customer can now easily, quickly and safely check their 1, 2 even 3-story outlets to make sure those outlets are not clogged. And, The SpoutOff will not “sticker-shock” your customer.

When the Objection is “I don’t believe that gutter covers work”:

If you can’t sell your covers because your customer is skeptical that any gutter covers work, sell them The SpoutOff WITH your gutter guards.

The SpoutOff easily overcomes the “I don’t believe covers work” objection. First, when you show The SpoutOff outlet compared to a standard outlet, your customer “gets it.” The SpoutOff outlet is so big they see it is not going to clog. Second, now they can easily remove all their downspouts, look up and clearly see for themselves their outlets in their covered gutters are clear. When they see their outlets are clear, they know their covers are working. And you increased your profit, again.

The main reason you will significantly increase your profit on every job is that your customers will be happy to invest in the extremely valuable benefits The SpoutOff provides. These are benefits — safety/no climbing, ease of use, peace of mind, time-saving and cost-savings — they presently do not have. The SpoutOff provides real benefits your customers desperately want and actually need. You really are doing all your customers a big favor installing The SpoutOff!

Another reason you will make more money is that you can retrofit The SpoutOff to presently installed gutters. All presently installed rain gutters in your area are a completely new market for you! These profitable jobs with tremendous benefits to homeowners and building owners simply did not exist before The SpoutOff. The SpoutOff has actually created an entirely new market for you right in your own territory. (Note: The SpoutOff should be installed using 3×4 downspouts)

So, now you can save a cover sale and increase your revenue and profit by adding The SpoutOff to the present products you offer your customers. And, if for whatever reason your customer cannot or will not buy covers, sell them The SpoutOff… don’t ever leave a home again without a sale.

Once you understand, evaluate and install your first SpoutOff you will see that callbacks will become a good thing. That’s because neighbors who see how The SpoutOff works will be calling you to install The SpoutOff on their house.