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Inventors Explanation

Kevin Leahy, inventor of The SpoutOff explains the benefits of clear outlets…

KPic03No matter what kind of gutters you have, no matter what their size or shape, no matter what they are made of. Whether your gutters are covered or even if you don’t have a tree within 100 miles of your house… ALL gutters get debris in them from time to time.

{Even the most expensive copper gutters installed yesterday could be useless tomorrow because a bee hive or debris is clogging the outlet — hole in gutter at top of downspout – it happens all the time.}

If your outlets are clear, water will ALWAYS flow out of your gutters even if there is debris in the rest of that gutter.

Conversely, a gutter could be perfectly clean but if the outlet is clogged water will never flow out of that gutter, never!



If a homeowner thinks her/his gutters are clogged, the first thing they do is throw the ladder up TO THE OUTLET. They climb up there and clean it out (sometimes during a rain storm… not good!).

Instinctively homeowners know if they clear the outlet, water will flow out of their gutter and away from their house. They actually WATCH IT HAPPEN at the moment they clear the outlet!

So here’s what The SpoutOff does FOR HOMEOWNER…

  • The SpoutOff enables any homeowner to take a 1, 2 even 3-story downspout off their house. No ladder needed, no tools needed. Note: A 2-story downspout only weighs about 6 pounds.
  • The SpoutOff enables homeowners to check and clean 1, 2 even 3-story outlets safely while standing down on the ground.
  • In less than a minute (actually 30 seconds) homeowners can check and clean any outlet.
  • Now all homeowners will know for sure their outlets are clean. So when they check their outlets today and it rains tomorrow, water will flow out of all their gutters, down their downspouts and away from their home, saving their home from expensive, even dangerous water damage.

Because water always follows the path of least resistance IT DOES NOT MATTER IF THERE IS DEBRIS IN THE REST OF THE GUTTER. When outlets are clear, water will flow over, under, through and around debris. If the outlet is clear, water will flow out of gutters even if there is debris in them. IT’S ALL ABOUT THE OUTLETS, THE CLEAN, CLEAR OUTLETS!

Note: The SpoutOff does not clean gutters. The SpoutOff simply ensures outlets are not clogged so water will always flow out of gutters when it rains. Depending on the trees around a home, gutters will have to be cleaned from time to time.

Review our website (, call us with your questions or take advantage of the SpoutOff Trial Offer… you will be glad you did. Thanks!