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5 Steps to Easy Clean Gutters

Posted by Kevin Leahy on December 26, 2017

Climbing up a ladder and balancing on it as you try to scrape out all the debris of your gutters is definitely not a fun job. And it is not for the faint of heart. And it can be dangerous if you don’t know what safety precautions to take.

If you have the money, the easiest way to clean your gutters is of course to hire someone to do it for you, but not everyone has the money for it.

If you have to do it yourself, consider taking these 5 steps to easy clean your gutters:

Make Sure Your Gutter System is Well Made

How your gutter system is built can impact how much debris your gutters collect and how much damage your house might be at risk for. When having a gutter system installed by a professional company or doing it yourself, make sure to:

  • Avoid Choosing the Wrong Size Gutter. Because your gutters need to be large enough to drain away all the rain from your home, finding the right size is crucial. If you go too small, the gutters will only get overloaded in heavy downfalls leading to a lot of water damage to your home. The wrong size can also lead to gutter damage and structural damage to your home. For the most accurate size, you need to take into consideration, the size of your roof and pitch as well as how much rainfall you tend to get in your area.
  • Avoid Hanging the Gutter Hangers Too Far Apart. The gutter hangers are the way you mount the gutter system to your home so they need to be spaced properly. If you leave too much space between the hangers, the rain gutters will actually sag causing the water to pool instead of flowing through. If this keeps happening and you have a lot of water pooling in different sections of the gutter system, the extra pressure is going to make the system separate from your home. The rule of thumb is to place the gutter hangers about every three feet or so, unless where you live there is a lot of snow and ice, then every 2 feet is better.

Don’t Neglect Your Gutters

The key to easy clean gutters is to maintain them properly. For them to work properly, you need to keep the gutters and downspouts clear of leaves and debris and this takes regular maintenance. The rule of thumb is to clean your gutters at least twice a year, but more if you have a lot of trees hanging over your house or you live in an area that experiences a lot of storms.

Use Gutter Cleaning Tools

If you end up cleaning the gutters yourself, there are a variety of gutter cleaning tools you can attach to an extension pole to reach up to the rooftop and grab all the debris in the gutters without the need for a ladder. It is important to note that these tools might not work on all types of gutters so before purchasing make sure you make sure the tool you buy is compatible with your type of gutter system.

Gutter cleaning applicators can also help you clean the gutters from the ground. This tool attached to an extension pole so you can clean the gutters. It works best though on the exterior of the gutters not the interior. It can be challenging trying to wipe away the debris inside without really being able to see what is going on up there.

Gutter cleaning thongs are also available and can be attached to a pole. With this tool, you can easily grab the debris which may be more effective that just trying to wipe it away.

A gutter vacuum is another way you can avoid the ladder. Basically it is a gutter vacuum attachment that fits your leaf blower or your Shop-Vac. In addition, gutter flushers are hose attachments that use the force of water to get rid of the junk in the gutters. Any gutter flusher you buy will most likely come with an extension pole that you attach the flusher to. Keep in mind though that this can be a messier way to clean your gutters with water and debris flying everywhere.

Add Gutter Guards

Besides these gutter cleaning tools, there are other ways to make cleaning gutters easier. There are gutter guards you can buy that protect the gutters from getting clogged in the first place. Some gutter guards offer a lifetime warranty that for the life of the product you will never need to clean your gutters. The ladder definitely won’t be needed then, right?

Add The SpoutOff

TheSpoutOff are rain gutter outlets that can be easily added to a new gutter system and they are designed with larger openings which prevent leaves and debris from getting clogged up in the gutters. They also make it easier to check on your gutters because it comes with a removable downspout that allows you to inspect the system from the ground instead of having to climb a ladder.

Another great plus is that these outlets are easy to keep clean through the removable downspout that allows you to check on the outlets without having to climb a ladder. With TheSpoutOff, a fear of heights or balance concerns will no longer keep you from properly taking care of your home and it is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional cleaner to come regularly to clear out all the debris.

The SpoutOff can be retrofitted to your current gutter system or it can be added to a new one, depending upon your needs. The instructions are relatively easy to follow so it is something you can easily install yourself, but any local gutter company can do it for you as well.

Want to learn more about how TheSpoutOff can make your seasonal outdoor chores a lot easier? Contact TheSpoutOff today to learn how it can take the hassle out of cleaning your gutters.

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