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The Definitive Fall Home Maintenance Checklist For Homeowners

Posted by Kevin Leahy on October 09, 2018

The chilly weather is coming on fast so it is best not to delay any outdoor home maintenance projects any longer. Here is the definitive fall home maintenance checklist for homeowners to help make sure you don’t miss anything important:

Tree Trimming

This is the perfect time of year to inspect all the trees and shrubs on your property and see if any of them are in danger of falling. You don’t want to wait until a big storm hits to start worrying about this. Call a tree removal service company to come out and cut down any worrisome trees. Also trim and prune all excess foliage and limbs to protect your home during any winter storms.

Rake Leaves

Did you know that if you leave too many leaves on the ground over the winter, that it will inhibit the spring growth of your lawn and flowers? Grab that rake and gloves now and clean up all the leaves on your property now before the winter weather makes it more difficult.

Clean Gutters and Downspouts

This should also be on your fall home maintenance checklist. Leaves and debris that can get caught in your gutters and downspouts might seem like a small problem, but if you ignore them, you will end up with such a large problem: water damage to your home and damage to the gutters themselves.

One product that can make maintaining your gutter system easier is TheSpoutOff. It is especially helpful if you have small rain gutter outlets because TheSpoutoff outlets are designed with a larger opening allowing for water to still run down even if other parts of the gutter are clogged. Another great plus is that these outlets are easy to keep clean through the removable downspout that allows you to check on the outlets without having to climb a ladder. With TheSpoutOff, a fear of heights or balance concerns will no longer keep you from properly taking care of your home and it is a lot cheaper than hiring a professional cleaner to come regularly to clear out all the debris.

The SpoutOff can be retrofitted to your current gutter system or it can be added to a new one, depending upon your needs. The instructions are relatively easy to follow so it is something you can easily install yourself, but any local gutter company can do it for you as well.

Schedule Exterior Repairs

Walk around the house giving it a good once over and make a list of any damage to the roof, siding and foundation of your home. Then schedule those repairs as soon as possible.

Seal Up Any Small Holes

Mice and other critters might try to make your home their winter vacation spot if they find any holes in your home. To keep your house critter-free, fill up any small openings now, and for larger gaps use heavy-duty hardware cloth to keep any unwanted visitors at bay.

Check Property for Winter Safety

When there is snow and ice on the ground, getting from the car to the front door can sometimes be treacherous. Reduce the risk of slip and falls by making sure all walkways, railings, stairs and driveway are all safe to be used.

Stock Up on Snow Necessities

Don’t wait till you hear the first snow forecast to panic and run out and get your rock salt, snow shovels, ice scrapers and other snow necessities. Take some time now to see what you have, and what you still need. Also check the condition of your snow shovels and ice scrapers to see if any of them need to be replaced. This is also a good time to make sure you have a well-stocked emergency kit in each of your cars and in your home.

Protect Your Pipes from Freezing

To protect your pipes from freezing this winter, shut off the water to any exterior faucets you may have around your property and drain the hoses and store them indoors for the winter.

Weatherstrip Your Windows and Doors

Warm air from your home can leak out and cost you more on your energy bill during the winter if you have drafty windows and doors. Don’t worry though. There is an easy fix. Just apply weatherstripping to the frames of your windows and doors.

Check All Your Home Safety Devices

The fall is also the perfect time to test your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to see if they need new batteries. You should also check the expiration date on your fire extinguisher. This is also a good time to have your home tested for radon.

Schedule Chimney Cleaning and Heating System Maintenance

While you are scheduling repairs, you should also use this time to also get your chimney cleaned and have your heating system checked to make sure there will be no problems or safety hazards when you go to turn the heat on.

Here is a quick cheat sheet to help you check off all fall home maintenance projects off your list:

  • Tree trimming – get rid of all dead tree branches and dying trees
  • Rake leaves – scoop them up with a rake and dispose of them in an environmentally conscious way
  • Clean gutters and downspouts – do it yourself or hire a gutter cleaning company to do it for you
  • Schedule exterior repairs – now is the time for any roof or home exterior repairs
  • Seal up any small holes in your home
  • Check property for winter safety – make sure all walkways, driveways and stairs are safe to use and won’t become treacherous in the winter time
  • Stock up on snow necessities
  • Shut off water to exterior faucets and storing hoses indoors
  • Weatherstrip your windows and doors
  • Check all your home safety devices like the smoke alarm and the carbon monoxide alarm to see if batteries need replacing.
  • Schedule chimney cleaning and heating system maintenance

For more information on what should be on your definitive fall home maintenance checklist for homeowners and how the SpoutOff can help you with it, give The SpoutOff a call today or visit their website.

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