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Important Home Gutter Maintenance Misinformation

Posted by Kevin Leahy on March 15, 2021

home gutter maintenance

Rain Gutters are The Rodney Dangerfield of Home Improvement: They get no respect!

Misinformation about rain gutters is this: “My gutters are clogged!”

No, no, no – your gutters have debris in them, but water will flow over, under, through and around that debris because water always follows the path of least resistance.

The problem (and misinformation) is that your gutter OUTLETS ARE CLOGGED (outlets are the component that creates the hole in your gutters at top of your downspouts).

Your present small outlets clog easily and often. Not Good!

You see, if the outlet in a rain gutter is clear, all water and debris that reach that outlet will always flow out of that gutter.

Conversely, a rain gutter could be pristine clean but if the outlet is clogged water will never flow out of that gutter, never! Properly flowing rain gutters are all about the outlet, the clean, clear outlet.

So all a Homeowner has to do on the day before rain is predicted, is make sure all their outlets are clear. If your outlets are clear, all of tomorrow’s rain that reach your outlets will flow out of your gutters.

For an easy, fast, safe and efficient way to inspect all outlets, check out our gutter products. No ladder needed, no tools needed. Any Homeowner can inspect any SpoutOff Outlet (1, 2 even 3-story) in less than a minute standing safely down on the ground!

The SpoutOff is the newest and biggest rain gutter outlet on the market today. Because The SpoutOff Outlet will not clog, all SpoutOff rain gutter outlets will always work every time it rains. Precisely what all Homeowners want their outlets to do.

The SpoutOff Outlet will replace the millions of poorly designed, useless small outlets presently installed and still installed daily in the USA because these small outlets simply do not work (and most Homeowners already know this).

The very large SpoutOff Outlet does work.

Also, The SpoutOff can be retrofitted to most present rain gutters.

  1. The SpoutOff is a terrific DIY Homeowner upgrade, and
  2. The SpoutOff has created an entirely new market for Professional Installers because all houses and buildings with rain gutters in Installer’s territory are a new, logical, and valuable upgrade for non-DIY Homeowners and Building Owners.

The potential for The SpoutOff is incredible because…

  1. It solves a ubiquitous problem
  2. Most Homeowners know this problem because they’ve been up there unclogging it
  3. The SpoutOff “story” is true and logical

Why would any Homeowner or Building Owner want small outlets in their gutters that cause clogging problems when they can have very LARGE SpoutOff Outlets that eliminate their outlet clogging and climbing problems?

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