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Millions of American’s at Home Each Year

Posted by Kevin Leahy on January 10, 2014

HOME INJURIES – According to The National Safety Council (NSC) www.nsc.orgSpoutoff Requires NO LadderLadder

“In 2009 more than 21 million Americans, or one in 14 people, experienced an unintentional injury in the home that required aid from a medical professional, according to an analysis by the NSC. Such injuries occur more often at home than in public places, the workplace and motor vehicle crashes combined, according to the NSC.”

“The NSC put the economic cost of home injuries at $192.2 billion in 2009. The number of deaths from unintentional home injuries rose 123 percent from 29,200 in 2000 to 65,200 in 2009.”

Of all the types of home unintentional injury deaths including Fires, Choking, Firearms, Mechanical Suffocation, Drowning, Natural Heat/Cold, Poisoning and Other, falls made up 25.9% of home unintentional injury deaths in 2009. Source: National Safety Council.

To the extent possible it just makes good sense to stay off ladders, especially at a 2 or 3 story level. And ABOVE ALL, stay off ladders when it is raining. But if you know it is going to rain tomorrow and you think your gutters are clogged, what can you do?

The answer is simple: The day before rain is predicted, simply remove your SpoutOff downspouts or leaders while standing safely down on the ground. You can now check all your rain gutter outlets, 1, 2 even 3-story. It’s easy, quick and safe. You don’t have to climb a ladder and no tools are needed. Now, with The SpoutOff, you check all your outlets while you are standing safely down the ground.

Water properly flowing out of your gutters is not about debris in your gutters. Properly working gutters are all about your clean outlets. If your outlets in your gutters are clear, when it rains tomorrow that water will flow out of all your gutters, even if there is debris in the rest of your gutters.

So . . . Check all your outlets the day before it rains. Your gutters will work.

The large SpoutOff outlets virtually will not clog AND you have the ability to check them in less than 1 minute, standing safely down on the ground. Now you will KNOW FOR SURE your gutters will work every time it rains.

Always moving water away from your house is the reason you have rain gutters. That’s what you want them to do and, with The SpoutOff, that’s what they will do!

The SpoutOff – SuperSize Your Outlets and OutSmart Your Gutters!

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