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The SpoutOff Offers New Discount for All InterNACHI Members & Their Customers

Posted by Kevin Leahy on June 16, 2021


June 15, 2021 – For immediate release

Home Inspectors: Prevent Water Damage and Provide Safety To All Your Homeowners

As a Professional Home Inspector two major issues you always deal with are Water Damage to a home and Safety for your Homeowners.

THE major contributor to water damage to a house is small rain gutter outlets – component that creates the hole in all rain gutters at the top of the downspout. Present outlets are simply a terrible design! They are so small they clog easily and often, causing rain gutters to overflow. They even have a LIP around their top that catches debris and starts the clogging! Because this water overflow is continual, over time both expensive and dangerous water damage is inevitable. Not good!


The very large SpoutOff Outlet is so large, all water AND DEBRIS reaching SpoutOff Outlets will fall out of the gutter, down the downspout and away from the house – just as it is supposed to do. Very good!

When it comes to safety, present rain gutter outlets (and downspouts) are a problem. Why? Because Homeowners only have 2 choices:

  1. Ignore them and risk certain water damage;
  2. or climb up there – 1, 2 even 3, story – to check and clean them; This is time-consuming, dangerous and simply not good!


In addition to a very large outlet that will not clog, The SpoutOff has been designed and engineered to be a REMOVABLE DOWNSPOUT. That’s right, while standing safely down on the ground any Homeowner can remove their 1, 2, even 3-story downspout and check both outlet and downspout in less than 1 minute standing safely down on the ground. Very good!

How TheSpoutOff is Helping InterNACHI Members

To help all Home Inspectors and the homeowners they serve, The SpoutOff is now offering a 20% discount to you and your Homeowners on all purchases of SpoutOff Kits and components. Simply have your customers visit and enter promo code INTERNACHI at checkout to get 20% off all SpoutOff orders.

If your Homeowner is a DIYer, they can RETROFIT SpoutOffs themselves to their present gutters. If they are not DIYers and need professional installation, you probably have Handyman and gutter installer contacts you can recommend.

Use promo code INTERNACHI at checkout to get 20% off all orders.

For questions or comments, please call 610-420-0378.

THANK YOU for what you do!

Kevin Leahy
Founder, The SpoutOff

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