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7 Top Most Hated Household Chores

Posted by Kevin Leahy on December 26, 2017

Being an adult is not easy. There are always so many responsibilities to juggle at work and at home, and even you have children your work load is quadrupled. And of course we all have certain chores that we dread the most and tend to drag our feet getting done.

Here are the 7 top most hated household chores and solutions to make it a lot less dreadful. Because you know if you leave them go too long, you are just going to have a bigger mess to clean up.

Cleaning the bathroom

At the top of most people’s list of most hated chores will usually be cleaning the bathroom, and if you have more than one bathroom in your home, then this chore is even more painful. All that scrubbing of the toilet and tub is certainly not glamourous, but is essential. Bacteria like staphylococcus bacteria have been found in bathrooms so don’t put your family and guests at risk for infection, keep your bathrooms sparkling clean.

Tip: Give the sink and toilet quick cleans each night so scum and bacteria don’t build up and make sure you give the whole bathroom a good clean every week without fail. It is a lot easier to force yourself to clean when the bathroom isn’t a total disaster.

Also, it is a good idea to find the cleaning supplies that work best for you and always keep them in stock for whenever you need them.

Washing the Dishes

Another least favorite chore is washing the dishes. Do you ever feel like it is always a never ending cycle of dirty dishes? Just when all the dishes are clean, they all get dirty again. How dare anyone get thirsty or hungry, right?

Tip: While there is no way to totally escape washing dishes, there are ways to make it more palatable. First, don’t let them pile up too high. When your sink and counters are filled with dirty dishes and pots and pans it is very overwhelming so don’t let it get this bad. If you can wash the dishes just after you use them or at least stack them in the dishwasher and run it when it is all filled. This way you will never have that frustrating situation where you can’t find one clean dish in the kitchen. Getting family members to help with this chore would be a big help too!

The Weekly Ironing

Although wrinkle-free clothing and more casual work atmospheres has reduced the load of ironing we must do, most of us can’t escape it completely.

Tip: This is just something that has to get done so bite the bullet and pull out the ironing board. Too make it less painful, put on your favorite jams or catch up on your favorite shows while ironing and the time will fly so much quicker.

Laundry Laundry, Laundry

Do you struggle to find clean clothes each morning or are always grabbing clothes out of laundry baskets because they never quite get back in your drawers? Then you are not alone. Most people complain about all laundry rules their lives. It can just seem like too much. First you have to wash it, then fold it and then you still have to put it away. It is a never ending chore especially if you are in charge of a big family.

Tip: The easiest way to make laundry more manageable is to carve out time each day to tackle it Do the math on how many loads you need to do each day to keep everyone in clean clothes and commit to sticking to that number each day including the folding and putting away. This way you don’t have to devote a whole day to digging out from all the dirty laundry and you won’t live your life with baskets of clean and dirty laundry piled up all over the house.

Cleaning the Windows

Cleaning the window is luckily not a weekly chore, but it time-consuming whenever you do it so it is an easy one to keep pushing off until that day you look out your window and are embarassed by all the dirt and streaks.

Tip: Use the changing of the seasons, to remind you to clean the windows along with other general upkeep around your property. This way it will never cause you embarrassment again.

Raking the Leaves

In the fall, you probably hear a lot of complaints about all that leaf raking. It can take a big chunk of your weekend trying to rake and bag of all of it. No one like to be stuck with this chore.

Tip: Do it with a partner and turn it into a fun activity. Make leaf angels and jump in the piles. A lot of giggling will make the time fly even when it takes a little longer to get it all cleaned up.

Cleaning the Gutters

An outside chore that everyone dreads is the cleaning of the gutters. It is easy to forget about them which is never a good idea because you are putting yourself at risk for damage to your home from leaking during rain and snow storms.

If you are lucky enough to have a gutter cleaning company on standby or you don’t mind climbing ladders, then it might not be a hated chore, but for people who can’t afford to hire someone to come out on a regular basis and who can’t do ladders, then it is another story.

Tip: Consider purchasing and installing gutter guard, leaf catchers or other products that help you maintain your gutter system with as little hassle as possible. TheSpoutOff are rain gutter outlets that can be easily added to a new gutter system and they are designed with larger openings which prevent leaves and debris from getting clogged up in the gutters. They also make it easier to check on your gutters because it comes with a removable downspout that allows you to inspect the system from the ground instead of having to climb a ladder.

Want to learn more about how TheSpoutOff can make your seasonal outdoor chores a lot easier? Contact TheSpoutOff today to learn how it can take the hassle out of cleaning your gutters.

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